Thursday, March 4, 2010

Treat Cup Flowers

When I first saw the Sweet Treat Cups I couldn't wait to get some and try them out. This is the first thing I did with them because they look so cute and are soooo easy to do. Take a Sweet Treat Cup and poke a skewer in it (I put a hole in the cup with my Paper Piercer first so the skewer goes in easier). The pointy end of the skewer should rest on the inner top part of the cup (without going through it). Just fill the cup with mini m&m's, jelly beans, or a favourite treat. Punch a 1 3/4" circle of cardstock in your chosen colour... I used a variety of colours (It's a good way of using up smaller scrap pieces of card). Peel the adhesive backing off the Sweet Treat Cup and stick the circle on top (it only just fits). You'll still have a rim of adhesive to stick 8 x 1" Circles around to make the flower petals. Now use glue or tape to stick another 1 3/4" circle over the top, to make the back look neater.Then I just tied some ribbon around the skewers to finish them off. Happy creating...Lisa xx.

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