Friday, December 31, 2010

Sweet Valentine's Promotion

So the newest promotion from Stampin' Up! is -

Purchase either the Sweetheart stamp set or the Full Heart Punch and recieve a free pack of  Heart Treat Cups for FREE!!!! Just the thing to get you ready for Valentine's Day...

Shoot me an email if you're interested in purchasing either of these items - or .

Can't wait to hear from you :)


Adele xxx

Christmas Crafts

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful wonderful holiday season and are feeling refreshed and eager to bring on the New Year. Ystyn and I have been sick this past week so we're bringing in the New Year in bed :( but can't wait to be healthy and get on with the program! Being sick sucks!

So - crafting? Well - I have to admit I got totally psycho trying to get my Christmas gifts and cards done and handed out on time. Unfortunatley in all the rush I didn't get any photo's!!!!!! Oh no!!!! Actually, I got these few of the wrapping I did for Banana Bread that I gave to some of our friends.

I made up a variation of these cards to give out along with them so I made tags to match. I really like the peacefulness of these cards - I really enjoyed making them. I used doileys on the packaging - I thought they tied in nicely with the embossed panels on the tags and cards.
I did make 2 other kinds of Christmas cards but didn't take photo's of them - but they were inspired by this card by Renee Van Stralen and this card by Teneale. Obvioulsy mine are luke warm in comparison with these two stunners but a girl can try right! :)
So, I did mangage to get out some cards and some gifts but have realised next year I HAVE to HAVE to be better prepared! hehehhe. Looking at it from here Christmas doesn't seem that far away...:)
Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you've all had a great week and can't wait to get back into blogland chatting again! Can't wait to start crafting either - my table is STILL a mess from the Christmas rush - I just DON"T want to clean it! hehehehhe


Adele xxx

Monday, December 27, 2010

Who Won???

Thanks everyone for leaving comments and emailing me your answers for the giveaway and leaving comments about which cards you liked best. Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and will get to have a bit of a rest before getting back to 'life'.

The winner of the Blog Candy is................... Abby!! I have your address Abby, so some time this week I will mail off your parcel to you. I hope you have fun and get to try some new things. Please let me know what you make!

I'm sure Adele and I will be getting together to try some new things...maybe in a week or two! This week I have to cover some 2011 Diaries so maybe I will post those later on.

Lisa xx

Monday, December 20, 2010

Finally....Christmas Cards!

So this is a large posting of Christmas cards but I decided to just put them all together as this will be my last post before Christmas. Sorry for the terrible pictures but I took them at night and the lighting was bad!! 
I actually had loads of fun making these cards and I was determined to use all my Christmas sets. I didn't realize until after I finished making the cards and layed them all out...but there is a bit of a colour theme happening.
Anyway, in true Lisa fashion....I'm posting pictures without much explanation about what I have used (cos it takes soooo long!). I figure you all know anyway!

Lastly...I have decided to give away a little Blog Candy as I haven't done that yet! So if you can tell me what Christmas sentiment I have used the most and what set it comes from (leave me a message), you will go into the draw to win a special pack which I will post to you after Christmas. Btw, you can let me know which card you like the best too as it's always nice to hear what others think!
The pack contains: Corner Rounder Punch (0.5cm), Neutrals Designer Buttons, Anywhere Glue Stick, Paper Daisies Pack, Stampin' Emboss Powder in White and a packet of Confetti White A4 Card Stock.

You have until the end of this week, Sunday 26th December to enter and then I will draw a winner and announce it on Monday 27th December.
Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and can't wait to try some new things in the New Year!

Lisa xxx

Friday, December 10, 2010

Notebooks and Gingerbread

I always make presents for all of (my daughter) Anisa's teachers and this year I went with covered notebooks and chocolates for some and gingerbread houses for the others. I know you have seen my notebooks sorry for being repetitive! I have made gingerbread houses for the last 17 is a family tradition at Christmastime. They are fun, yummy and adorable to look at and I usually make anywhere between 20 and 60 each year. I have also taught many, many classes and my daughter always has her friends over to make them. So this year I added some very cute homemade tags to finish them off. I love this simple and easy stamp set (Gifted).
Next post will be my Christmas soon as I take photos of them!!

Lisa xxx

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm Baaa-ack!!

You may have noticed that I have been waaaaay out of the crafting picture of late....and well that's because I have been! Inconveniently, LIFE took over and I was just too busy to attempt anything. I was helping my daughter get through exams, assignments and a myriad of activities. Then it was time for her to graduate and there was 101 awards nights, speech nights, church services, valedictory service and valedictory dinner. While this was going on I had my sister and her family stay with me while I put on my grandparents combined 90th birthday party! Thankfully my daughter has graduated, she's returned from schoolies at Great Keppel Island, my relatives are back in Sydney and I can finally get down to crafting!!!
This post is of my only attempt to craft, and that was out of necessity. My daughter volunteered me to make giant cards for all five year 12 music teachers. I made these all in one night and they are an A4 sheet of card stock folded in half...and because all the year 12's had to write in them I had to add an insert in the middle of each card.
I think I did pretty well under pressure! Anyway, I have since got back into full swing and have lots more photos to show you...but I will spread out my posts over the next week.

Good to be back!!!

Lisa xxxx

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Calendar Activities

If you're looking for some Christmas activites to use on your own Advent Calendar than check out this post - this blog has AMAZING ideas and I LOVED browsing through many of them.

I've used most of the activities suggested in this post and have added a few of our own - yesterday we made Christmas Jelly (just red and green jelly with freddo frogs in it) - I'm sure as the years go by I'll be better at making up the activities. And don't forget - it is an advent calendar so treats are essential!!! hehehehe. I forgot that and was trying to come up with 25 different acitivies, but then I remembered and have about 5 'treat' days - I have a tupperware box of treats ready for when those days come up.

 I also included things that we already do like seeing Christmas lights or reading the Christmas story in the scriptures on Christmas Eve, or like tonight - putting up our Christmas Tree. I was in a real rush so the activites aren't terribly inventive. Next year (ha ha) I will be much more prepared!!! hehehehe

I also used dotto (repositional adhesive) to adhere my activities to the back - I figured that way I could remove them and start over again next year if I wanted rather then having to make a whole new set of tags. Who knows - I might have a different idea for an advent calendar next year! :)

Thanks for stopping by


Adele xxx

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Calendar

My 5 year old has been driving me nuts with arguments about how close/far Christmas is. He's adamant its only 3 days away (not sure if he means 3 weeks or what) - but anyway - its driving me nuts!!!! SO - I decided I HAD to have an Advent Calendar so we could actually count down the days till Christmas.

So here's what I came up with...

I love it! Probably (!!!!) not very kid friendly but it makes me happy! :)

This is just a big cork pinboard I bought from the Reject Shop for $12. I had the paint at home as well as all the other supplies. I made up 25 tags with 4 different designs and printed out different activities for us to do each day of Christmas. I'm thinking once we've done each day I'll just turn the tag around and re-pin it???

Anyway - the tags are nothing fancy and I've re-used some designs from my last couple of posts, but I'm really happy with the effect. A cost effective (if not time-effective) advent calendar - now - bring on Christmas!!! :)


Adele xxx