Friday, April 30, 2010

Mothers Day

Not long til Mothers Day, so I have started to put some things together. I love matching things so here is a first attempt at a card and a matching pillowbox. I haven't taken a photo of the inside of the card but it has the Happy Mothers Day sentiment in it. Luckily I have the long weekend to come up with some different designs!
Lisa xx

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Lilli

So I have felt rather absent from blogging the last couple of days as I've been visiting my older sister in NSW and haven't been able to do my usual blog stalking!!! hehehehe I just got back today and have been trying to catch up on all my favourites and thought I'd jump on here and put up a quick post - a little present for my beautiful niece - Lilli Emma - who is my sister's 5th baby girl!!!! How awesome is that - my lovely husband let me go and visit for a whole 5.5 days while he and a darling friend struggled with my own 3 kids on their own!!! Isn't he a gem...

So before I left I made this little frame up for my sister's nursery - she loves poofy flowers and I thought there could be nothing simpler than putting them in a frame and since I was already in the frame mode I just stuck it all together...

I really like the soft colours of this one though again its probably a little same-ey and could have done with some definition??? But my sister loves it so that's the main thing right??? :)

I also had to make a card and I had this strip of left over ribbon that was begging to be used - not really happy with this card (too top heavy) but I was making it very (!!!!) late so I couldn't afford to be too picky! hehehehe

Ok enough waffling - will be back soon with some more (hopefully) projects!

Hope you're having a fantastic week
Come back soon!!!
Adele xxx

Baby Card

So I haven't had a need to make a baby card yet, but finally someone I know had a baby and my chance came!! I wanted to do something a little different and not just put the usual blocks, animals, rattles etc on the front....and this is what I came up with! Of course it was a little girl!!
Lisa xx

Friday, April 23, 2010

Its Friday FINALLY and that means its time to stop stressing about this FRAME and just give it away with all the love, time and effort that went into it!!! hehehehe

Thank you soooooo much to all of you out there who took the time to have a think and make such awesome suggestions - I really really REALLY appreciate your kindness and effort and feel TERRIBLE that I haven't been able to incorporate ALL your ideas - they were all brilliant and I thank you so much and apologise and hope you wont be offended if you dont see your suggestion used here this time - but there IS always a next time and I just was just wowed by the support and help you all offered!!! Thanks so much guys.....xxxx

I did kind of forget to mention in the first place too that I had HOT GLUE GUNNED everything down so it wouldn't fall whilst hanging so that really limited in moving things around.....SORRY!!!!

So, in the end I was able to incorporate a suggestion by Sandy M (thank you!!!!) - she suggested glueing some blue ribbon around the edges of the frame and hanging it with a ribbon bow, so I've cut up strips of the background paper, sponged them in white and then sanded away till I was happy with the result! I know it is flawed, the frame was bigger then a 12x12 piece of paper, but I'm still really really happy with the result! I actually really like it now - it was just the thing (for me) to change it up!!

I am so scared all of you that have invested thought into this frame will still think it falls short but I am happy with it now, and really hope little Matilda will be too!!!

Thanks again, and again and again!!!
Hope you're all enjoying the AWESOME posts by Lisa - isn't she amazing!!!! Make sure to check back and see some more of her amazing stuff again soon!!

Thanks for coming,
Adele xxx

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pillow box

So, I know this isn't too flash...but I just had to make one as soon as I opened the new dies. What little treats can I put in here???
Lisa xx

Big Shot Boxes

Oh the many boxes you can produce with the oh so easy Big Shot machine...yay!!!
Still have soooo many more to make...
Lisa xx

A Mix of Cards

I had lots of fun trying out punches, papers and the Big Shot...and this is some of what I did...
Lisa xx

Packaging Cards for Presents

I am addicted to packaging up sets of cards in cellophane bags and putting matching toppers on them.....I have lots of birthdays coming up so these will be going to good homes!
Lisa xx

Beautiful Box Sets

Another example of a really cute origami box...prettied up and stuffed with lovely note cards.
Lisa xx

Card Sets are so Cute

Yes....I have finally got round to posting some of the things I have been making! I am not a very consistent blogger (sorry Adele!). Now I have quite a few things to show you but I am too lazy and a little time poor to write anything fantastic about each of the items, and anyway...all of you will know what I have used and done. So in the spirit of are lots of pictures and NO accompanying comments!!!
Lisa xxx

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So I'm in need of some real, gut wrenching, brutal honesty here....I have a very close friend and her daughter is turning 4 this Friday and she's mentioned once before that she'd love to get her daughter's name put into a frame for her bedroom wall - well, I couldn't fit her daughter's name into the frame so I found this gorgeous 'dream' word and thought of trying that instead....I really like the word but here is my delimma....

I'm not at all sure I like this completed frame???? I'm not sure if its all a little bland, or not enough happening around the edges or what???? So I'm hoping you can all give me some very very honest opinions of how ugly/ok this is and if perhaps some advice on how to fix it!?!?!

I really wanted this gift to be special and somehow feel its fallen short...can you help me out at all!?!?!?!??! I'm almost feeling like this should go in the bin and I should go and 'buy' a present but am too scrooge like to let it go to waste if you can help me save it???

Hope you're all enjoying your day, I've been stuck in traffic in rainy weather for over 2 hours today so I'm feeling totally frazzled and this frame issue is just not helping!!! heheheh

Thanks so much for your help!!!!


Adele xxx

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nice and Bright!!!

So this was a really quick set of cards to make using the Razzle Dazzle (from the Summer Mini)and Happy Moments Sale-a-bration set - also the fabulous Polka Dot Impressions folder with the must have Big Shot!!!!
These were inspired by a simple card by Sarah van den Berg - the ribbon band actually came to life to cover a big old ugly ink spot!!! Wish I'd had some Tangerine Tango and Kiwi Kiss polka dot ribbon but Soft Suede goes ok????
Hope you're all having a fabulous week
Come again soon,
Adele xxx

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vintage Vogue

So I am super excited to be able to post this today - I made it last night as an impromptu BELATED birthday gift for a dear friend but didn't want to post it till I could give it to her today...

I LOVE it though - I love these new colours from the Autumn/Winter mini - have totally become my favourites, and I LOVE the Big Shot and all that entails - it seriously is such a quick and easy way to make a card or project a little more stunning...

I tried out a ruffled ribbon for the first time and will definitley be using this again - I copied Sarah-Jane Kale's trick of putting sticky strip along a piece of cardstock and ruffling it on to that first then attaching to the main cardstock - super super easy...

The rest is fairly self explanatory - I think I pretty much CASED the layout from the mini catalogue as well but couldn't actually lay my hands on a copy to check so I was just going from memory...I think I just may have to make another one of these...

Hope you've had a fabulous day!!!

Come back again soon...


Adele xxx

INKspiration Sketch Challenge

My very first challenge??? Not sure if I'm going to enter this one or not, but it was a lot of fun working to a challenge?? Took one component of the thinking process out of it at least, which is always a good thing!! hehehehe
I love the Inkspiration Design Team and stalk all of their blogs religiously!!!! Makeesha Byl sets all the challenges, so go and have a looksie at all her wonderful wonderful creations - better yet, she normally puts up a slide show of all the challenge entries so you get to see everyone else's take on the challenge...

I love love love this stamp set - its the level Two Hostess Set from the Autumn/Winter mini - as soon as I saw it I was coveting it, and thanks to a few rather large purchases last week (ahem - the BIG SHOT!!!!!!!) I was able to qualify!!! I can't wait to have some more fun with this set - I think its called Asian Artistry from a very fuzzy, late night memory...
You can't really tell from the photo, but the circle is popped up on dimensionals and the bird is cut out and popped up again...I stamped out this image 3 times on the different layers it was needed on and then lined them all up as I stuck them down - rather effective (in real life) if I do say so myself!?!? :)
CS: Kraft, Mellow Moss, Soft Suede, Whisper White
Ink: Soft Suede
Accessories: Circles Big Shot Die, Soft Suede Ribbon, Pastels,
Question: Is it better to post a whole lot of photo's all at once or spread them out so you get one thing every couple of days??? I get so excited when I make stuff I just want to post it all at once, but then its all over pretty quick and there's a drought till I find the time to make more stuff??? What do you guys think - lots less often, or less more frequently???
Thanks so so much for stopping by, I really hope you can come again!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last One!!!

This is the last scrapbook page I wanted to show you today - these were the first flowers I ever learnt to make!!! I have to say i LOVE the poofy flower and the rose like flower from Dawn McVey and Amy Waters best NOW but these ones ARE easy peasy and quite good for scrapbooking as they're quite flat!

Another set of pictures of me and my girl - can you tell I love having a girl!!!!
No stamping on this page and I SOOOO have to get the Circle Scissors(!!!!!) but I did ok (???) without them???
Hope you're all having a FANTASTIC day and I'll be back with more card posts at the end of the week after my BIG SHOT finally arrives!!!! (fingers crossed!!!!)
Lots of love
Adele xxx

More Scrapbooking

So while I was at it I thought I'd pull out the ONE other page I've scrapped using stamps!! This was like my THIRD page so is really really simple, but I used to like it????

I've used the gorgeous Baroque Motifs stamp sets and have tried to do a couple of close up skew-iff photo's to show the swirl in the old In-Colour River Rock, which incedentally will be coming back as part of a new Colour Family (Nuetrals...Stampin Up are rejuvinating all their colours and retiring some and introducing new ones - if you'd like to know more just shoot me an email!!!)

Again, a picture of my baby girl - I still don't own a stamp set that's baby or boy-ish - have just ordered the Fox and Friends from the current mini and looking forward to using that to scrap my boys???
Adele xxx

Scrapbooking for the glum!

I have been noticing over the past few posts something funny about my photo's - any guesses as to what (apart from not very nice colouring sometimes???) - I can't take a STRAIGHT photo!!!! They're all sqew-iff!!! Its hilarious trying to crop them because I can't crop on a diagonal and I don't know WHAT I do when I'm holding the camera - I try really really hard to get it straight!!! heheehe
Anyway, I was feeling like some scrap booking today instead of the mountains of washing I should have been doing, or the playgroup I should have been taking my children sister who lives in NSW is having her 5th baby today and I'm feeling totally bummed for not being able to be with her, so I decided to sit down for some TLC time with some crafting...
I was introduced to scrapbooking by my awesome friend Bev about 18 months ago, just after having my 3rd baby - I really needed a creative outlet and Bev's a great scrapbooker so I kind of got on the bandwagon too - and THEN I found stamping and haven't really done much scrapbooking since then, but I'm starting to feel a leaning towards it again - I think now that I'm a little more comfortable making cards I've kind of got the layout thing and embellishment thing happening a little more without too much trauma!!! hehehehe
So for today I pulled out some photo's of my baby girl when she was about 8 months (I think), some retired DSP from Stampin' Up! and my Butterfly Prints and For Everything stamp sets from last mini and I'm actually really happy with how this turned out???
Too many photo's???? I just couldn't choose which one out of these photo's I loved the most and all of them together show she really is (or was!!!!!) cute right???? :)

Thanks so much for looking!!!! Please please please come again soon!!! :)

Adele xxx

Friday, April 2, 2010

Liam's Birdhouse

I just quickly had to jump on and post this GORGEOUS little birdhouse I made to go with the card's I made last night (with the poofy flowers)...

I emailed Liam ( and asked her for a template to make her little birdhouse - I don't think I did mine actually totally to plan and I would do different things next time (I cut out a few panels which probably didn't work so great) but I think the effect is still very very cute!!!

Head on over to Liam's blog and check out all her AMAZING 3D products...

Thanks for looking!!!! Come back again
Adele xxx

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who needs sleep!!!

So I was meant to be going to sleep early tonight but ended up getting stuck at the dining room table making cards!!!!! I'll pay for it tomorrow but really enjoyed myself - here's some of the things I came up with (I apologise for the very bad photography - I normally take my photo's in the daytime in natural light but I need to give some of these cards away tomorrow so wanted to take the photo's right away!!!!)

These next two cards are inspired by the one in the Autumn/Winter mini on page 5 (I so want this hostess set!!!) Obviously my colours are different and so is the stamp set but the inspiration is there...

So I am in love with pink and green and a new blog!!!! I stumbled somehow across Lynn Putt's blog 'The Queens Scene' and fell in love with this card of her's and knew I wanted to case it - and its a friend's 16th wedding anniversary tomorrow so I thought it would be a perfect occasion to make and give??? I have used a Very Vanilla base on one and Certainly Celery on the other...can't decide which one I like the most. And how could I forget - the gorgeous poofy flower of Dawn McVey's - she is just amazing - a creative legend!!! Check out her whole blog - its great for quirky and zany stuff as well as gorgeous elegant things...

Thanks so much for stopping by and tell me what you think???

Adele xxx