Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Matching Card - Of Course

Well, I had to make matching cards for my Christmas gifts (look here) didn't I.

I can't (or at least I HATE to) give a card that doesn't match the gift.

Especially if its a home made gift.

So here are the cards I made to go with my Embellishment Folders...

Very simple I know - I had about 30 minutes to make 3 cards and I was starting from scratch with no ideas other than the colour scheme (ie. it had to match the gifts).

I remembered a card from Kirsty Brown's blog (AGAIN) and took my inspiration from there...

I love the Blushing Bride and Crumb Cake together, and absolutely LOVE those snowflakes - I use them every year! (from Snow Swirled).

I have also used the new Embossing Folders 'Designer Frames' - LOVE - these are gorgeous. Though I am finding when I use mine they leave a ridge on my card stock that I'm not liking - I'm trying to figure out a way to eliminate this...

As I said, very simple and very quick. I am thinking I might make these as my Christmas Cards this year, so I might have another play and see if I can step them up at all - you know, a cards not a card unless its taken hours to create - hehehehhe. Only joking. I think this ones pretty effective in its simplicity.

Its those snowflakes.

Those snowflakes make me happy! :) :) :)

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Adele xxx

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Specials!!!

Wow - you will never believe it, but Stampin' Up! have just put out a list of stamps and accessories that are up to 50% off!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

You can link to the list here and let me know if there's anything I can get you - the perfect time to buy a gift for that creative person in your life, or just simply stock up your supplies.

You can contact me on adlewiess@yahoo.com.au if I can help you in any way!

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Adele xxx


'Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!'

I am so excited this year. Normally Christmas isn't something I'm that into - but this year I haven't been able to wait.

So it was so exciting that my sister and her family were able to travel up from NSW so we could celebrate Christmas together as a family - 11 kids and 8 adults in my parents house - it was awesome!!!!

I decided a little earlier in the week to 'make' some gifts for my sisters (Kylie, Estelle and Lisa) adn procrastinated till the day before (why oh why do I do this to myself???) and made these little folders.

I saw the original idea for these gorgeous things on Amy's Blog in  a 2009 post (can't find it now for the life of me??) and thought they would be perfect!

Aliessa also made one of these - here is her version...just scroll down to the bottom of the post...

Amy did have a template for it which she was lovely enough to share - go to http://www.papertreyink.com/mtt_recipewrapup_webview.html to find it...

For mine, I actually just scored 2 pieces of A4 cardstock at 8cm then again at 9cm twice, and trimmed the end a little so that I had an overlap of 2cm, and then glued the 2cm pieces together - probably a little longer than the one in the template so I could fit more stuff in!

Then you just use some acetate (mine were OHT sheets) and Crystal Effects to adhere the die-cuts - I had already put Dimensionals on them all and the Crystal Effects on the bottom of the Dimensional - so they should just come off really easily...

Then I followed Amy's idea in filling this little folder with pre-made die-cuts! How awesome is that! I would LOVE to have a gift like this - things that you can just pull off and whip onto a card - how quick would that be. 

I'm really hoping they get some use out of them..

So what crafty things are you making for your gifts this year?