Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Calendar Activities

If you're looking for some Christmas activites to use on your own Advent Calendar than check out this post - this blog has AMAZING ideas and I LOVED browsing through many of them.

I've used most of the activities suggested in this post and have added a few of our own - yesterday we made Christmas Jelly (just red and green jelly with freddo frogs in it) - I'm sure as the years go by I'll be better at making up the activities. And don't forget - it is an advent calendar so treats are essential!!! hehehehe. I forgot that and was trying to come up with 25 different acitivies, but then I remembered and have about 5 'treat' days - I have a tupperware box of treats ready for when those days come up.

 I also included things that we already do like seeing Christmas lights or reading the Christmas story in the scriptures on Christmas Eve, or like tonight - putting up our Christmas Tree. I was in a real rush so the activites aren't terribly inventive. Next year (ha ha) I will be much more prepared!!! hehehehe

I also used dotto (repositional adhesive) to adhere my activities to the back - I figured that way I could remove them and start over again next year if I wanted rather then having to make a whole new set of tags. Who knows - I might have a different idea for an advent calendar next year! :)

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Adele xxx


Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

I think your ideas are PERFECT. Red and Green Jelly WITH Frogs in it!!!.. YUMMMMMM!!!!!... The beauty about kiddies and Christmas is that just getting to open the little Calendar tin (that's mine!! hahaha) or flip the little tag is excitement in itself. Enjoy putting up your tree.. I can't wait to do mine.. I think we'll tackle that tomorrow!!
xx SJ

Sandra said...

I have a little something for you on my blog Adele
Hope you like it!