Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Crafts

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful wonderful holiday season and are feeling refreshed and eager to bring on the New Year. Ystyn and I have been sick this past week so we're bringing in the New Year in bed :( but can't wait to be healthy and get on with the program! Being sick sucks!

So - crafting? Well - I have to admit I got totally psycho trying to get my Christmas gifts and cards done and handed out on time. Unfortunatley in all the rush I didn't get any photo's!!!!!! Oh no!!!! Actually, I got these few of the wrapping I did for Banana Bread that I gave to some of our friends.

I made up a variation of these cards to give out along with them so I made tags to match. I really like the peacefulness of these cards - I really enjoyed making them. I used doileys on the packaging - I thought they tied in nicely with the embossed panels on the tags and cards.
I did make 2 other kinds of Christmas cards but didn't take photo's of them - but they were inspired by this card by Renee Van Stralen and this card by Teneale. Obvioulsy mine are luke warm in comparison with these two stunners but a girl can try right! :)
So, I did mangage to get out some cards and some gifts but have realised next year I HAVE to HAVE to be better prepared! hehehhe. Looking at it from here Christmas doesn't seem that far away...:)
Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you've all had a great week and can't wait to get back into blogland chatting again! Can't wait to start crafting either - my table is STILL a mess from the Christmas rush - I just DON"T want to clean it! hehehehhe


Adele xxx

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*Spring Blossom* said...

Your banana bread packages look beautiful! I bet the bread tasted even better :)
Wishing you, Lisa and your families a very happy New Year!!