Thursday, June 2, 2011

Class Dates for June/July

Well, I think its high time I set some dates for a class or two - its been FOREVER and I miss seeing all of my crafting buddies!!! :)

So, with school holiday's upon us I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to set some dates...

Tuesday 28th June


$20 to make 8 cards (4 designs, 2 of each)
We will be doing a few new techniques at this class - Faux Silk and Faux Mother of Pearl - see photo at end of post...

7.30pm start

My house - address given on reciept of RSVP.


FRIDAY 8th July

Wood Blocks Class

$15 to create your very own vintage wood photo block. We made these for a craft class at church recently and they turned out beautifully so I'm really excited to do this as a class. I forgot to take a photo before giving my example block away, but I'll make another one before the end of the week and post it on here so you can see.

Here is a shot of a Faux Silk card - not sure if we'll do these colours of something a little different, again - I'll decide before the end of the week and post photo's on here so you can see.

Really really hope LOTS of you are available to come - I miss you!!!! :) :) :) hehehhe

Have a fantabulous week and I'll be back SOON with more photo's!





Thank you so much for your comment!! you made my day :) You don't know how many people you meest doing this bloggy thing without even knowing! I have just gone through your last postings and have really enjoyed all your cards they are beautiful and your baby themed posts OMG soooo cute and lovely colour combos!!
I will be back for some more feasting hehe


Whoohoo!! now I am a follower!!