Saturday, June 11, 2011


So I have JUST finished this little project of mine in time for Church tomorrow, and its night time and my night time photo's suck, but I just HAD to jump on here and share a photo or two with you...

So why am I so excited you ask??? Its just a stamped candle? We've all seen these before right? Well - you probably can't read the words on these candles because the photo's are (pretty) bad, but they don't come from a stamp. They are a scripture that goes with the lesson I am teaching tomorrow and I just had to figure out a way of getting it on to that candle.

So how did I do it you say? You may be clever enough to have already thought of my method, but for me it was a lightbulb moment.

I typed up my words on the computer, and then got an OHT sheet and printed it on that. As soon as it came out of the printer I whipped it on to a waiting piece of tissue paper and used my bone folder to moosh the ink onto the tissue paper. It comes out backwards (do you get me - looking at it from the printer the words are the right way round, but when you place it on the tissue paper you want the inked side to go down, so when the words are 'stamped' they're backwards). Then I proceeded with the normal method of decorating a candle. You can find an awesome tutorial here from Splitcoast Stampers.

Fun hey. I'm really really happy with how they've turned out and think they make really cute hand outs. Best part yet - they were on sale at Target so I got them for next to nothing. Got to love a bargain.

Now that I've done it I will DEF be doing these again. Wouldn't they make gorgeous gifts? And now I know I'm not limited to the stamp sets I own - I can type out anything I'd like!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by,


Adele xxx


lissyal said...

You'll have to give us the heads up next time when your going to do cool things like this. One needs to know which wards to "visit" in advance! lol classy!

A Christy Production said...

Haha, I so would have stuffed that up. You're far too clever!

Jessima said...

Wonderful idea Adele! They look great :)