Thursday, April 7, 2011

Absent Posters

Well hello strangers! It has been a LOOONGGGG time hasn't it - I am SO sorry for the absolute lack of any postings whatsoever for the past 3 months or so - our longest drought ever! I was waiting to be able to share some news here on our blog (I'm expecting) and have been so sick in the meantime that crafting has been the furthest thing from my mind. We are now finally 15 and a bit weeks along and I'm starting to have some human moments again, and FINALLY starting to feel the itch to get messy with ink and cardboard, but alas, my crafting space is buried underneath a pile of stuff that will take me a while to sort through and I still don't feel up to tackling that much cleaning! :) :) :)
Also, Lisa has just left on a 9 week holiday visiting Asia and parts of Europe so her postings will continue to be rather limited - sad, because she was crafting up a storm before she left and has lots of photo's to share, but will probably catch up with you all again when she gets back at the end of May.

So for now, HELLO, thank you so much to our faithfuls that haven't given up on us yet, and I PROMISE to get some cards up very very soon.

We also have to thank a number of people who have given us Blog Awards despite our long absence - thank you so much for your kindness - I will be sure to put those up next post and pass them along!

Hoping you are all well and happy and CRAFTING!

Will be back again soon!


Adele xxx


Kara said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!So glad for you and hope you feel that preggy glow soon.
xxoo Kara

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

woo Hoo!! Phew.. Finally I can breathe and relax that your beautiful and AMAZING secret is out! You already know how excited and happy I am for you.. just in case you forgot!!... CONGRATULATIONS!!!

xx SJ

Christine Blain said...

Oh, Adele, that's WONDERFUL news - congratulations!! I have certainly missed you in the bloggy world; hopefully you'll feel like creating some beautiful cards soon. Take care, and try to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

*Spring Blossom* said...

I was only just thinking the other day I should send you an email to see if the two of you were ok!!! I'm glad to hear that you are and and a big CONGRATS on the news.

So jealous of Lisa's holiday and I hope she shares some pics for us all :)

Patrice said...

I too have been thinking of sending an email...big difference to actually do it though lol.

Wow congratulations on your big news. Fantastic, and so happy to hear you're feeling lots better now.

Looking forward to pregnancy news and some belly pics in future. Take good care x.

Anonymous said...

Some "Grandma" I am. I have been totally absent from the blogging world too and have only just started going through my 1400 blog posts that are waiting for me to read them and found this one!


I hope it's all going well for you now. I guess I better read the next few posts to find out ;)