Sunday, January 30, 2011

Covered Notebooks

Its been rather quiet on the crafting front these days - what with my big baby boy starting prep and all the new routines and driving and drop offs and lunch making and washing and picking up school shoes and school bags and socks and hats and shorts and shirts!!!! I am EXHAUSTED after only ONE WEEK of school drop offs - how do you mother's do it for YEARS and YEARS!!!!! I'm sure I'll get into the groove soon enough, but it certainly has been a bit of a shock to the system! :)

Anyway - I've just been assigned to teach a class of young women ages 12-17 at church on Sunday's and it was my first one today! And to go along with my lesson topic I made these cute little covered notebooks for each of them. My very first set of covered notebooks - they were definitley fun to make once - just next time I would decide to make them a little earlier in the week! ;)

I've used the same design on all of them - just varied the colours. They're just exercise books with those plastic covers on them - what a difference from your usual school exercise book hey! :)

The worst part about the whole project was running out those damn letters!!!! Having to run them through the Big Shot one by one definitley got tedious - especially when I was on the home run and realised I was missing 3 y's and 2 r's and had to get the Big Shot out again! hehehehhe. Well worth the effort in the end, and I hope the girls really liked them...

And just because I can I'm including a photo of my little Big School Boy! He was so excited on his first day - I was a MESS, but am slowly recovering! hehehehe. If you want to read a little more about our first day you can read about it at this blog - .

Thanks so much for stopping by - hopefully Lisa or I will have some more inspiring craft soon!


Adele xxx


Abby said...

GORGEOUS!!! Your lucky young women!!! They would've loved them so much, they'll all want to do stampin activities now :) I love the 'Happily Ever After' for the lesson too :) Have fun getting into the school run!! xo

Patrice said...

Wow gorgeous books, love all the different papers! Hope your classes go really well.

Hmmmmm good luck with the school run, you'll learn to enjoy the non routine of holidays more and more :o)

Sandra said...

Beautiful books Adele! I bet the girls loved them. Got to love those plastic sleeve covers too :)

The school runs do get a little easier after a while. You watch though, how if it's going to rain it will ALWAYS be right as the school bells rings to let the kids out. Fun!!!

kerry steger said...

Hi Adele,
Your little books you have made are just gorgeous!!!! You take so much time with the detail when you create - you are very inspiring!! By the way, your little boy looks so CUTE!!

Kerry Steger said...

Hi again Adele!
I just wanted to let you know that I have posted a blog award for you on my blog if that's okay.


Karen said...


Those notebooks are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Who would have though an ordinary ol' exercise book could look so darn beautiful! Bet the ladies LOVED them too!


PS - your little boy is a cutie thats for sure!