Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finally - some craft!!!!

 Well, we made it home safe and sound!!!! And it was AWESOME!!!! I have to laugh at myself though - while we were there most of the time I couldn't stop thinking about how much I missed my babies and I missed CARBS like you wouldn't believe, and then we get back home and all I want to do is be on holiday again eating rice and seaweed!!!! The grass is always greener hey.....hehehehhe. It was a wonderful wonderful experience and I'll share a few more photo's with you in the coming weeks...

But onto craft!!! This is one of the cards we made at my Technique Class this past Saturday. I am in love with this card. Its one I have been wanting to try for a while....I saw the original idea on Nichole Heady's blog years ago (well, maybe only 1 year ago! :)) but haven't had the embossing tools to give it a go - but now I do!!! Happy me! I love these colours together - so reminds me of beautiful nature. Green is an all time favourite, especially paired with craft. And don't you just love this dsp - saves my poor Anne of Green Gables book from further desecration! hehehehe (don't worry - I had a spare copy and used that...)

Basically, you just stamp the image in Versamark, cover with clear embossing powder, heat set, then use a brayer to moosh colour over the embossed image. We were all a bit amateur with the brayer and definitely need more practice with that tool! But all in all very happy with the result!

My house is still a bit topsy turvy and my craft area is a mess but hoping to clean it up asap and get into it again, I've really really missed it!

Thanks for stopping by - come again soon as I'll have another card from our class to show you.


Adele xxx

PS: Its so good to be home! :)


A Christy Production said...

OOOO I like it. I don't have the exact stamps and such, but could definately make it work with what I have... and I have this awesome Christmas paper I found that has Christmas articles as if it's a newspaper.. I think I will use it to do this! So, whats a Bayer? Like a roller paintbrush?

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

GORGEOUS!!! Gorgeous pic of you and hubby and GORGEOUS card. I love everything about it.. especially the finishing touches with the linen thread and tag.. GORGEOUS!!!

Ooohh come and enter my little giveaway.. would be lovely if you win!!! :D

xx S

PinkPoppyPoppet said...

"We were all a bit amateur with the brayer and definitely need more practice"
Speak for yourself! lol! joking :) had a great time as alwasy :)

Renée said...

wow, gorgeous card, Adele! Beautiful colorus and layout!

Tammy Q Howell said...

What a great card! Now to case your idea! Saw this on Blog Finds of the day!