Tuesday, August 24, 2010

100th POST!!!!

Well, we've reached the 100th post!!!!! Can you believe it!!! I can't - but I'm very excited! So - in celebration and as a thank-you to our faithful 'followers' we're offering some BLOG CANDY!!!!! We thought it might be exciting to offer either a CLASSIC INK STAMP PAD of your choice (you can even choose one of the exciting NEW colours that are coming) or a brand new copy of the NEW IDEA & CATALOGUE BOOK - whichever of these two you like!

All you have to do is leave a comment telling us what you're favourite past post or project  is (from our blog of course!?!! :)). We'll do a random draw and announce the winner on Friday 27th at 7.00pm - that's this coming Friday! Demonstrators are welcome to comment too! :)

So if you're new to our blog, go ahead and have a browse and choose a favourite, or if you're a regular just jot down something that (hopefully) caught your fancy! Looking forward to reading your comments for your chance to WIN!!!!

This is probably a great chance to THANK all of our faithful commentor's and readers - we SOOOO appreciate all your lovely positive comments - it truly makes our day and we LOVE to be able to share our love of stamping and card making and crafting with you...it truly makes life more enjoyable. So thank you and please keep coming - we love to hear from you! xxx

Good luck with the draw - we'll announce here on our blog Friday night who the winner is....

Lots of hugs and smiles

Lisa and Adele xxx


Christy said...

What a FUN idea!! Must be such an awesome feeling to have gotten this far with your Stampin addiction :P hehe.

My favourite post is one that I saw soon after I started following it. It was the post about needing help with your framed "Dream" artpiece. I didn't think it needed help, cause it was just plain gorgeous. It has inspired me to make other things similar to it. :) Thanks for all the fantastic ideas you give m!


Kylie C said...

so can't decide on my favourite because I just love most of the ideas you both come up with. I love the gift bag and treat cups lisa made I was in heaven when I saw those, but I also love Mother's day,More blocks, chipboard Top note, project class for 31st July, and gifts again. seriously how does one pick a favourite. I need help.

Terri said...

My favourites are the scrapbooking pages!
I love this one in particular

Dianne said...

I have two favourites - the framed flowers and the blocks! Looking forward to November to when I can learn how to make the blocks myself :-)

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

How EXCITING!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You want me to choose one.. just ONE favourite.. UM.. TOO HARD!!! But Ok if I must choose something.. again TOO HARD!!.. I LOVED the little Baby Cards you made.. the one that you've got in you NEW SAS Cards post (I'm lazy and can't find the original!!).. SORRY!!! :D.
Although I have to say.. ALL the cards, scrap pages, and 3D projects here are AMAZING!!!
Great, Great Job!!

xx Sarah

Just ME said...

I loved the flower cards Adele did for her technique class - they were absolutely stunning and real works of art. Lisa, my favourite of yours would have to be the series of cards you did using the Good Neighbours stamp set.
Everything you both do is always gorgeous! Keep enjoying it and showing us your creations! X

*Spring Blossom* said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th post!!!! I can't believe how much you have put in over your posts.....it's hard to choose one favourite.
I do love your blocks BUT I think my fave would be the Flower Tutorial - If you ever hold that class again I'd love to attend :)
Thanks for all your inspiration.

J said...

My favourite amongst many, are the Lots of Bots birthday cards. I like them because I have three little boys and my mind is usually on little boys stuff. Those robots are adorable and the cards are fantastic. I love your creative talents.

Kara said...

So hard to choose just one favourite, but I love all the posts where you do some kind of home decor...you know blocks or framed art etc. They are always so good. I also love the Trendy Trees cards as that is my favourite stamp set.