Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Crafts

I have a fun little project to share with you today - this idea kind of just hit me out of the blue and I'm so glad it did because I LOVE how its turned out!!!! :)

I started with a pile of wood looking like this...

and ended up with them looking like this!

I have been holding onto some remnants of Christmas DSP from two years ago for the perfect project and thank goodness I had enough to do this - they have been my fav set of Stampin' Up! Christmas papers ever so I'm so so happy that I'll be able to look at them every year from now on! hehehhe

So the idea with this Advent Calendar is that under each block is attached an activity for the day. Once we've completed the activity for the day the block can just be turned around so just the paper is showing. I'm still undecided whether to leave them lined up in order like this or to make them a little random and all over the place. It will probably depend on where I decide to place it - its where it is at the moment just until I decide what to do with it - oh - and waiting till the first of December would probably be a good idea too!!!! hehehhe

I'm so excited for Christmas this year and have so many ideas floating around in my mind of things to make - so hopefully I'll have more to show you over the next couple of weeks.

And here are just some close up shots of some of my favourite blocks...

I can't actually tell you where this wordy paper comes from - it was just in my stash but is one of my absolute favourites!!!! I love blue in Christmas things...

How gorgeous is this sparkly green design - yum yum yum!!!

And here's a row of some of the papers all together - they just co-ordinate so perfectly. I LOVE it!!!

The blocks are all slightly different sizes which I am loving too - it all adds to the random-ness of the project.

And just to end I thought I'd pop on a little photo of my sleeping beauty - getting so chubby now and just so much fun with the smiling and little chats we have sometimes. We are so blessed with such a gorgeous gorgeous baby girl...I love her to bits!!! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and come again soon! :)

Have the best day!


Adele xxx

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Sarah-Jane Kalé said...

GASP!!! GASP!!! GASP!!! That is the MOST amazing ADVENT calendar. HOw AWESOME are you? Well I'll tell you... SUPER AWESOME!! ANd as for your gorgeous little bundle, she is AMAZING and extremely GORGEOUS. Please give her a squeeze from Aunty Sarah all the way here in Perth!! xxxxx SJ