Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Catching Up

So it has been an AGE!!!! So much has happened in the past couple of months and I am still trying to recover from it all!

Firstly, we had our beautiful baby girl on Tuesday 20th September, at 3.41am. She is perfect and just so so beautiful - I am totally in love with her. We named her Emersyn Marie and she is a little sweetheart. Growing so so quickly though - I wish you could just hit the pause button for a little while...

 It was a fairly normal labour (ie. painful!!!!!) and I had so much on my mind at the time that is was hard to concentrate on what I needed to do (getting the baby out!!!!) - hehehehe - see, we were moving house the next day and Tuesday was meant to be my mega packing day and here I was in hospital not able to help at all with all that needed doing at home!?!?!?!?! Of course having a baby was much more important, but I would NEVER recommend having a baby and moving house anywhere in the same month, let alone the same week! I was so exhausted from all the packing and the extreme discomfort of being hugely pregnant and not able to sleep or move! :) Thank goodness for my wonderful husband, parents and parents-in-law and some lovely ladies from church who finished packing for me.

They sent me home on the Wednesday afternoon and my husband drove us all to our new house - an hour away. Thank goodness all the big furniture was in its place - all we had to do was throw sheets on the beds and put the kids in.

So all in all a totally eventful week. All I can say is paying for removalists was a life saver and something we will DEFINITELY do next time we move!

So - yes I have crafted a little over the last few weeks, but as my camera power cord is still packed in some random box somewhere I haven't been able to recharge my camera to be able to upload photo's. I will post some photo's of our new house as well once I can locate it.

And other exciting news - Lisa and I are attending the Regional Seminar in November!!!!!! Super super excited but totally freaked out about swaps!!! Anyone out there have any advice/guidelines we should follow?? So looking foward to getting to meet some local stampers as well and really get back into the groove of crafting frequently - its been one hell of a year!

Thanks for bearing with me through such a looong post - come again soon and I promise to have some craft to show you.

Have the best day!

Adele xxx


Sandra Azzopardi said...

Congratulations, Adele!! Emersyn looks absolutely gorgeous! Have fun at regionals. I attended my first one last month and had a ball.

Jessima said...

Congratulations Adele! she is just beautiful!!! Hope you are feeling well :)

Christine Blain said...

Wow, you sure have had some big life changes!! Congratulations on the addition of beautiful little Emersyn to your family (my baby was born on 20th Sept, but 11 years ago!). She is such a darling little bub. I look forward to seeing more photos when you've unpacked some more :)

Sarah-Jane Kalé said...

HELLO!!!! Gorgeous Adele!!.. Look at your beautiful Emersyn, she's absolutely perfect. I SO wish I was closer so I could give her a HUGE cuddle, although you might not get her back :)
So glad to have you back, and can't wait to see what you've been creating.

xx SJ

Patrice said...

Oh wow, such exciting news. Congratulations on Emersyn's safe arrival. She is darling and I love the name you have chosen for her. Can't even imagine how you managed with packing whilst so heavily pregnant and moving while having a baby. You're a better person than me that's for sure.

Take good care and enjoy Regionals (I'm attending my first next weekend so will let you know).

A Christy Production said...

I'm going to Regionals too!!!!!!!!! I'll see you there! I have already made my swap item... I know, disgustingly organised.

Trish *Spring Blossom* said...

Oh Adele she is just so beautiful - congratulations to you and the family.

Regionals sounds so exciting... kinda wish I was a demo just so I can attend!!!

Catch up soon

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little darling.

So glad you have come through the other side of all that stress and have such a wonderful reward for making it to the end. I hope the remainder of the year will be more relaxed and that you have a blast at regionals :)

Kerry Steger said...

Congratulations Adele!!! Emersyn is just adorable and it makes me clucky all over again!! I am glad everything fell into place with your move at the same time. Are you still in Brisbane??
PS. I Love the name Emersyn - its gorgeous!!