Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Exciting Week!!

So I've had a really exciting week this week! You know those two challenges I entered (Inkspirations and Just Add Ink), well, I was a Top Pick in both of them! How awesome is that!!!! Go and check out the other participants in both of these challenges - there are some really beautiful and fun ideas and creations - there are sooo many amazing crafters out there.

I have to say, apart from challenging myself and trying new things, the next best thing about participating in challenges is all the wonderful people you get to meet! There are so many lovely people out there who are so kind and thoughtful and I have to say a HUGE THANKYOU to all of you who have so kindly left lovely comments on our blog - we LIVE for comments! :)

Speaking about kindness, our blog has recieved a couple of awards in the last few weeks from the most lovely ladies - Patrice and Trish! Both of these ladies have blogs that I visit religiously and always find something lovely to inspire me, so thank you both you gorgeous ladies you!

So with this award I think I'm meant to share 3 things about myself...

1. I love to play the piano - though no where near as often as I should to keep those fingers limber!
2. I met my husband when I was 16 but didn't start dating him till I was 20 - he was an awesome friend but I was adamant that's what he'd stay! Isn't it funny how some things work out :)
3. I talk to my sister every day

and then I'm meant to forward it on to 5 blogs with that little bit extra! (lucky I have a second award to award to more blogs! hehehehe)

I LOVE these blogs and check them almost every day, just IN CASE they've decided to post something new! hehehehe

And then this award is for awesome blog it has to go to...

1. Janeybell
2. Fresh Cuts By Lu
3. Spring Blossom Journey
4. Spring Blossom Musings
5. A Christy Production...

These are just some of the lovely LOVELY ladies I've met through blogland and its AWESOME to be able to meet people through this craft we love! Thank you thank you thank you to you all for all your inspiration and incredibleness!

Well, back to prepping for my next class (Stamp a Stack next Sat night for anyone who's interested?!?!)

Thanks for stopping by,

Adele xxx


Just ME said...

So now you have the proof that you are brilliant and just as good as your idols!! Good on you Adele - you really are talented! XX

A Christy Production said...

Thanks for a mention. It makes me so happy to know people get enjoyment out of my blog. And you deserve that aware. Your blog is amazing. Both you and Lisa are super talented.

*Spring Blossom* said...

Ohhhhh thank you so much for my award!!!! You know I love your blog/creations too.