Monday, June 28, 2010

Cards by Order

So a little ago I had a request to make up some cards for a baby's christening which was fun and scary at the same time - normally I just create cards whenever the mood is upon me with no actual event in mind and they just go into my card stash, or I'm making up cards for a card class or such, but to be actually asked for a card specifically was so definitely somethine new and I really really enjoyed myself.

I started with the first card but thought it might have been just a little too dark for a baby's christening, so came up with the second card instead... 

My 'client' was happy with both of them and ended up buying them both so that was great - I really enjoyed making them...thanks Terri!!!! :)

If you need a card for a special occasion just drop me or Lisa a line and we'd LOVE to help you out! Or - if you see a card here on our blog that you'd like to purchase thats great too!!! Shoot us an email or a comment and we'll get right back to you!!!

Thanks for stopping by, come again soon!!!


Adele xxx


Patrice said...

Love both of your cards, very elegant.

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...


OK I think you get the point!!!.. Adele these are GORGEOUS. And I'm SO Lucky to have my very own ADELE ORIGINAL!

xx Sarah

lissyal said...

The top card is my all time favourite! Totally my favourite colour scheme... classy to the max adele!