Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely women out there!!! I really hope you've had a fantastic day with lots of cuddles and kisses and appreciation for all your awesomeness!!! My day has been pretty amazing - I woke up to breakfast in bed, a pretty cruisey morning with my husband at home (he's not usually home on Sunday mornings due to Church responsibilities) and then I got to go to church with my family and give a talk on the 'Blessings of Motherhood'. I really needed that talk - to remind me of all the amazing wonderful things about motherhood! And I'm feeling pretty good about the whole motherhood thing as a result!?!? :)

Anyway - I wanted to share with you the gift I made for my mum - now, I only used one Stampin' Up! product on this project which was Chocolate Chip ink for sponging but I am really happy with how these turned out...

You may have seen this type of thing before - a friend of mine does these blocks of wood and scrapbooks them - they look really really cute and the possibilities are endless! My mum and I saw blocks like these in a little shopping town called Berri at Christmas time and mum fell in love with them and wanted to buy them - I think they were going for $70 or so - and I wouldn't let her because I knew I could make something just as good for much much less!!! All up this gift probably cost $20 - the wood blocks are just a plank of wood from Bunnings (our local hardware store) which they will cut into whatever size you like, with scrapbooking paper glued on top and sanded and sanded and sanded. Chipboard letters painted with distress paint and inked with the said Chocolate Chip ink around the edges and over the top finish the vintage-y effect. My mum is really musical hence the music paper. All in all I really enjoyed this project and almost wish I could have kept them for myself!!!
I will MIA for the next little while - our computer is going into the shop and I am sure we're going to end up having to get a new one, but I promise to work on lots more projects so I'll have something to show when I get back!!!
Hope you're smiling!
Adele xxx


Abby said...

These are beautiful!!! I would love to learn to and make some - you should do a workshop on them?!!! Your Mum will adore them I'm sure!! : ) xoxox

lissyal said...

I LOVE these, they are beautiful!

Kaili said...

These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing how you made them too, I would love to try something like this some time!

Anonymous said...

I so love these Adele. They are gorgeous!!! They put my Christmas ones to shame that I made in a class at RS. I may just need to revamp them.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hey Beautiful Lady - Had so much fun for the few brief moments we spent together during your trip. Can't wait for you to come again so we can really play with our stuff. LOVE these blocks!! Your mum must adore them. I'm going to attempt to do some for my friends Kitchen Tea - Wish me luck!! I love your site - it's giving me such inspiration to get my things out and keep playing. Love to you - Debs.xx