Monday, May 24, 2010

Buttons Blog Candy

Yay for Blog Candy!!! For those of you who didn't see my post from yesterday I offered some blog candy for the first person to email me the correct number of times I had used the word 'button'!!! (there were a few!!!) - thank you to all who participated!!!!) Even though I did get a few attempts at guessing the first person to count the correct number was
SARAH CORNELIUS who guessed 15 times!!!!!! That is the correct answer!!! I used the word 'button' 15 times!!!! :) That's quite a lot of usage for the word don't you think? heheheh

Thank you very much to all who participated - I've had so much fun with this little challenge I will definitely be doing blog candy again so keep checking back!!!

Sarah - I will be getting you your pack of cute as buttons asap!

Thanks again everyone!

Adele xxx

1 comment:

Matilda and Archie said...

yay! Thankyou Adele what a lovely surprise :)
I did count it 4 times so I was really hoping it was correct.