Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Gifts

Hiya there! Its been a little longer than I was hoping it would be :) - I don't know about you but I am DYING to hear all about the Stampin' Up! Convention and am stalking blogs of the lovelies I know of who attended! I'm hoping they all had a fabulous time and have time to share all their fun with us (hint hint hint!!! hehehehe).

Anyway, I had to make a gift for a friend who's just had a lovely, gorgeous baby girl! I made a set of blocks (like these) - pink ones with the little one's name on it. Of course I had to make a matching card.....

And of course matching wrapping and a tag! I actually didn't write on the tag this time so it can be re-used if wanted???

I think that elephant is just the cutest thing ever! And of course pink and craft together aren't too bad either? :)

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Come again soon,


Adele xxx


Christine Blain said...

Oh, this is just TOO precious!! Perfect colour combo, and the pink sparkly elephant is adorable.

Kara said...

too cute Adel!. I am keeping my eye out for your next upcoming class...hint-hint;0)

Patrice said...

Gorgeous! Would so love to see your pink blocks - I'm yet to try them out myself.

I don't write on my tags or envelopes so they can be recycled by the recipient.